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Details of the most common weeds found in lawns in the UK.

Ragwort (jacobaea vulgaris)

By | 30/09/2015

Ragwort is a reasonably common weed seen on many lawns across the North West of England. The latin name is jacobaea vulgaris (syn. senecio jacobaea). Jacobaea is the family of plants to which it belongs (which is within the tribe senecioneae) and vulgaris literally means “common”. It is also called stinking willie, ragweed or ragged weed. The latter probably… Read More »

Orange hawkweed (pilosella aurantiaca)

By | 12/05/2015

Orange hawkweed (pilosella aurantiaca, previously called: hieracium aurantiacum) is a small sized, broad-leaved lawn weed that is quite common in very neglected lawns in the North West of England. It is also referred to as Fox-and-cubs, Tawny Hawkweed or the Devil’s Paintbrush and is probably my favourite flower of all of the lawn weeds that I come across… Read More »

Daisy (bellis perennis)

By | 12/03/2015

The daisy (bellis perennis) is probably one of the best known lawn weeds, and is very common across all lawns in the UK. This ubiquitous little plant has many other names, including common daisy, lawn daisy, English daisy, marguerite, bruisewort, woundwort or even the noon flower. It is from the huge family of plants called the asteraceae, which… Read More »