Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about my lawn care service

I understandably get asked a lot of questions about treating lawns and my lawn treatment service in general. Here I have tried to put together the most common frequently asked questions, with comprehensive answers.

My lawn is beyond help, can you really make a difference?

Unless you are trying to grow a lawn in a completely unsuitable location, professional treatments will certainly help … Read More »

How can you manage to treat my lawn for not much more than it would cost me?

Because I only treat lawns, I am able to bulk-buy professional products and great prices. This means I can pass these savings on to your and still provide a great service … Read More »

When is the best time of year to start a lawn care programme?

You can start a programme at any time of year, however the speed in which you see results may be different in the winter compared to spring … Read More »

How long does your lawn survey take?

A lawn survey usually takes under 30 minutes, depending on the size of the lawn and the services you require. I can sometimes start your treatment programme that day … Read More »

Can you give me a price for a treatment over the phone?

I would be happy to discuss your lawn and the problems you may be facing with it. I am afraid I’m unable to provide prices for treatments over the phone for lawns I have not seen … Read More »

I live outside of your area. Can you still visit?

Due to the nature of a service business, I am only able to visit lawns which are a certain drive from my starting point. I am able to go outside of this on rare occasions. Find out more … Read More »

More frequently asked questions

What can I expect from a lawn care service?

What service can you expect to receive from a lawn care service. The Lawn Man goes the extra mile … Read More »

What difference will I notice and when?

This does depend on the time of year. In most cases, you can expect to see improvements in your lawn from a regular treatment within two weeks … Read More »

Are your treatments safe for children and pets?

Lawn treatments are nearly all safe for children and pets. There are some exceptions with very small grazing animals (such as tortoises and rabbits) but these can also be accommodated in most programmes … Read More »

Can I mow my lawn around lawn treatments?

Mowing after a treatment does depend on the treatment applied. For most regular treatments you should leave 3-4 days … Read More »

I currently have a gardener; can you work with my gardener to improve my lawn?

Yes. The Lawn Man is experienced with working alongside gardeners to achieve the best results for your lawn … Read More »

Why do I need a lawn treatment service?

Mowing alone will often not be enough to achieve a beautiful lawn. Home treatments can be ineffective or damaging. It is much easier to hire an expert, sit back and relax … Read More »

What to expect from a lawn care service

Can’t I just buy the products myself?

You can buy some lawn products yourself. However, high quality professional lawn care products often require a spraying license or can only be bought in bulk … Read More »

I work during the week, how can we manage your visits?

I only require access to the lawn. Most customers leave a side gate open once they know I am coming. I am happy to lock up afterwards … Read More »

Do I have to water in the treatments after application?

Only in very rare cases or in times of extreme weather, such as drought. If you aren’t able to water in, I am happy to postpone any treatment which may need watering until conditions improve … Read More »

Will I have to sign a contract?

No. My service is ongoing and invoiced per visit. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time … Read More »

How do I pay you?

Most customers use BACS bank transfers. Details will be provided upon treating your lawn and sending your invoice by email … Read More »

Common questions about your lawn treatment service

My lawn has just been treated. When can I mow my lawn?

For most regular lawn treatments I recommend leaving your lawn for 3-4 days before mowing. However there are some treatments which require a different mowing schedule to get the best from your treatment… Read More »

Can I compost the grass clippings after a lawn treatment?

Professional lawn treatments can often contain herbicides. Find out the best practice for your garden regarding the use of composting your grass clippings after lawn treatments … Read More »

If you have any general questions about lawn treatments which you are still unsure about, please get in touch.

A colourful garden in spring with a nice lawn.
A beautiful lawn after a spring lawn treatment.