Regular Lawn Treatments

Keep your lawn looking great all year round.

The Lawn Man’s treatment programme is designed to keep grass healthy throughout the year. It is completely flexible and will accommodate what is best for both your family and your lawn.

My regular lawn treatment programme is not a contract. I simply get in touch when the next treatment is due and arrange a visit with you. You can have as few or as many treatments as you like during the year. I recommend at least four (spring, summer, autumn and winter), but my ongoing programme allows any number of treatments from just one a year all the way up to bi monthly visits for extra special lawns.

The difference between the numbers of visits is simply the time between them. I don’t have any set times of year for treatments. I apply the correct treatment for the seasonal conditions and what is needed.

It is recommended that your lawn is fed regularly to keep it healthy. Regular visits will also spot pest problems and other diseases promptly before any serious damage is done.

Regular treatments for a lush lawn

As with all regular treatments, you are in control, and you are able to choose as few or as many treatments as you feel are necessary, or even see how your lawn progresses as you go through the year.

Lawn Care ProgrammeFrequency of Visit
1 per yearAnnually
2 per yearEvery 6 months
3 per yearEvery 4 months
4 per yearEvery 3 months
5 per yearEvery 10 weeks
6 per yearEvery 2 months

Remember, each time I visit I thoroughly check that your lawn is in good shape and will inform you about any issues and advise the solution, so you can always be sure your lawn is being looked after by a professional.

Fertiliser spreader applying treatment 3
Spreading lawn fertiliser to feed your grass

I do also provide a basic range of organic lawn treatments, although these are only a basic feed and do not control and weeds, pests or diseases.