Regular Lawn Treatments

Keep your lawn looking great all year round.

The Lawn Man’s treatment programme is designed to keep grass healthy throughout the year.

It consists of up to four fertilisation and weed control treatments and a winter treatment during the cold months to tackle moss and other soil issues.

The best lawn fertilisers available to the the market last around six weeks, so it is generally recommended that your lawn is fed regularly during the growing season to keep it healthy and to avoid times of ‘famine’ which weaken grass, encouraging fungal problems and other diseases.

Regular treatments for a lush lawn

As with all regular treatments, you are in control, and you are able to choose as few or as many treatments as you feel are necessary, or even see how your lawn progresses as you go through the year.

Remember, each time I visit I thoroughly check that your lawn is in good shape and will inform you about any issues and advise the solution, so you can always be sure your lawn is being looked after by a professional.

Fertiliser spreader applying treatment 3