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Weeds are just plants which are in the wrong place. A weed in a lawn is a plant which has seeded or crept into the grass and is making the lawn look less uniform.

Weeds in lawns

Some people don’t mind having the wrong plant in a lawn. Plants other than grass will not harm the grass. Some, like clover, can even be beneficial to the grass. Most people who are fans of the British lawns prefer then to be completely weed free and even.

Weed plants are survivors. They have evolved to adapt quickly and can grow in all sorts of environments. This is why they are so difficult to control in a lawn.

Find out more about these remarkable plants found in lawns in these blog pages.

Common chickweed (stellaria media)

By | 19/08/2020

If you have your own garden, then there is a good chance you’ve seen common chickweed (stellaria media). It is a very common lawn weed in the UK. It produces a huge quantity of seeds throughout the year and can have the reputation as being something of a nuisance. It will root and grow everywhere and can be difficult to control in a lawn. Find out more about it here.

Should I seed or turf my new lawn?

By | 05/05/2020

I am often asked by customers if they should sow seed or lay turf to create their new lawn. There are many factors to consider when deciding which method to choose. Find out the pros and cons to the different ways and find out which method fares better in the long run. Whether you are trying to grass a slope or building that beautiful lawn of your dreams.

Question: What is this lawn weed?

By | 25/01/2019

I received this question from a reader just before Christmas in December 2018. With the warm winter weather we were having they were finding this weed growing on their front lawn. Please can you help with this weed in my lawn. The house is two years old as is the lawn was laid by the builders. The 1st… Read More »