A gallery of beautiful lawns

By | 09/08/2018
The Lawn Man Gallery

My job is transforming and maintaining beautiful lawns. It gives me great pleasure to see a neglected, old lawn become transformed into a beautiful outdoor space. An even, green lawn really outlines a garden and provides a backdrop to show off your plants. If you have a nice lawn, the garden will look much better.

One of the benefits of working in nice gardens is that their owners are often happy to show them off. Here is a small gallery of lawns and gardens which I have helped to maintain over the years.

Gallery of lawns

A beautiful ornamental lawn
This was one of my earliest lawns I regenerated. Back in 2010 this lawn was scarified and overseeded. The following year it looked gorgeous.
A lawn gallery
This wonderful garden was a show garden. The lawn was very compacted, but reacted well to aerating and was a joy to work on from then after.
Beautiful striped side lawn
This was a small, side lawn in a wonderful ornamental garden. It was heavily shaded, but reacted well to lawn treatments.
A spring lawn.
This was a lawn early on in the season of 2017. After a long, wet winter the lawn still showed few signs of damage and was ready to burst into growth.
Small front lawn with a small tree.
Small front lawn with a small tree. This well-mown front lawn was aerated and scarified. It reacted positively to lawn treatments and had never looked better.
Lovely large lawn.
This exquisite lawn was heavily moss ridden. After aerating and helping the grass to strengthen the garden was transformed.
Large family lawn with greenhouse
This magnificent family garden had a well-maintained lawn which was kept green by regular treatments and checks.
Lawn showing off an herbaceous border
This marvellous, thick lawn really showed off the well-loved garden borders. An even, green lawn shows off the plants even more.

The lawn care gallery Part 2

An even, green lawn with a shady area under a willow tree.
This family garden has a difficult area under a willow tree. Regular maintenance and treatments keep all areas green and even.
Narrow, suburban lawn.
This narrow, suburban lawn was at the rear of a rehabilitation studio and the owner wanted a calm, neat space to help their patients.
A new, green lawn
This was a complete lawn regeneration. The old lawn was killed, and this new lawn was prepared and sown over the top. This was the result just a few months later.
A brand new, seeded front lawn.
This lawn was a new lawn. The old lawn was full of old, poor grass. It was total killed and a new modern rye grass was sown. This was the result just a few months later.
A superb lawn as part of a garden
This superb lawn was maintained regularly by its owner alongside regular lawn treatments by The Lawn Man. The results speak for themselves.
Lawn in an open garden.
This gorgeous garden was open to the public on certain days of the year. The lawn was well mown and the regular lawn treatments really help to bring out the colour in the grass.
A neat back garden lawn.
This lawn is very waterlogged during wet periods. Regular lawn treatments and top dressing ensured the grass stayed healthy and looked great when the conditions improved.
Garden of a semi-detached house.
This lawn at the back of a semi-detached property was built by it’s owner. The grass suffered badly from fungal infections, but after treatments and feeding, it recovered well and soon looked great.
Thick lawn in the autumn
This pleasing lawn looked great all year round. This picture was taken in autumn and the high-mowing meant the grass still looked brilliant.
A weedy lawn transformed
This lawn was extremely weedy, covered in self-heal and buttercups. Just a few months later it was transformed into a lovely, neat outdoor space.

I hope you enjoyed my lawn gallery. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit for The Lawn Man to maintain your lawn, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kris Lord

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