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An annual weed is a plant that completes its life cycle within one year. In that year it grows from a seed, matures, produces flowers, seeds and then dies.
Annual weeds on lawns can spread quickly due to their quick flowering and seeding habit. This can make them difficult to control as they can spread quickly.

Hairy bittercress (cardamine hirsuta)

By | 23/04/2014

The hairy bittercress (cardamine hirsuta) is an extremely common annual garden weed. It can quickly appear on any bare soil on vegetable patches, flower borders and in any thinner areas of your lawn. The plant is from the Cardamine genus, which is a large group of over 150 flowering annual and perennial plants that are in the Brassicaceae… Read More »

Lesser trefoil (trifolium dubium)

By | 06/06/2012

Lesser Trefoil (Trifolium dubium) is an attractive little lawn weed which is reasonably common on a lot of untreated lawns in England. It is sometimes called suckling clover or Irish Shamrock and is a member of the clover family, which is related to peas and beans. It is also related to the herbaceous perennial white clover (trifolium repens),… Read More »