About The Lawn Man

Professional treatments and expert advice for your lawn

Kris Lord, The Lawn Man

The Lawn Man is an experienced and reliable lawn care provider for Exeter and surrounding area.

Browse these topics to find out more about the lawn care services provided, how you can benefit from expert lawn care and much more.

  • Who is The Lawn Man – A page about The Lawn Man. My history and why I started a lawn care service in Devon.
  • Area covered – The area in the South West of the UK in which I operate. If you live outside of this area, don’t worry. You can still ask a question.
  • Get in touch – The main ways to contact me and my links to social media pages.
  • FAQ – Frequently asked questions about my company and the lawn care service which I provide.
  • Why choose The Lawn Man – There are many lawn care businesses in the area. This is why The Lawn Man is the right one for you and your lawn.
  • What to expect – What to expect when you hire a lawn care service.
  • Why a lawn care service – Employing a lawn care service may not be the first thing you think of when gardening. Here are some of the many reasons how it can benefit you.
  • Testimonials – I have brought hundreds of lawns back to life. Find out how customers rate my service.
  • A gallery of lawns – Beautiful lawns which I have helped to maintain over the years.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – My guarantee to you as a customer of The Lawn Man’s lawn care service.
Out and about in a beautiful lawn and garden.