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What my customers are saying about my service

    5 star review  Asked Kris for some independent advice, as a second opinion, regarding a lawn issue I was experiencing. Kris was extremely knowledgeable & helpful I must say, and provided the help without me being an actual customer. Great chap who provided solid, accurate advice. Certainly knows what he's talking about. Thanks Kris.

    thumb Mark Unwin

    4 star review  Kris Lord has been very reliable in turning up at the appointed time and carrying out the agreed treatment. He is very knowledgeable about lawns and is willing to answer questions and discuss any issues I have had about the progress of my lawn. The results of his work have been remarkable, especially on the front lawn which I thought would need to dug up and relaid. Kris has brought it back to life for minimum cost and with little fuss. A great result.

    thumb John Ward

    5 star review  After many years of trying to control the ever-deteriorating poor quality of my lawn I eventually contacted Kris, the Lawn Man, to ask his advice. The lawn had become an embarrassment, with so many areas of ugly thatch and countless weeds, and while I had thought my annual weed and feed treatment plus the re-seeding of patches would help, it never really did. Kris gave the lawn a full treatment last summer, including scarifying and aerating and seeding, and has since visited to give it a winter and a spring treatment, and it has undergone a miraculous change! The grass is now looking lush and green with not a weed in sight and ready to be enjoyed by my family and admired by my summer visitors. I thoroughly recommend The Lawn Man!

    thumb Sue Nickels

    5 star review  Very professional, informative and flexible. Has been a pleasure to have Kris work on my lawn (repairs and treatments) which is looking green and lush right now!

    thumb Simon Osmond

    5 star review  The results have been dramatic and we look forward to seeing you when you deem more work necessary to keep the grass in the good condition that it is now in, thanks to you You worked quickly and efficiently and you obviously have a vast knowledge Very many thanks


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Written thanks from previous customers

Thank you for keeping our lawn in great shape for so long, I’ve been really pleased with how it has looked since you took care of it.


My lawn has never looked better since the day that you started to look after it for me.

Mr. Hunt

Thank you for your excellent service over the years.

Mr. Ratcliffe

We are so grateful for your skill over the years. We’ve seen our lawn thrive and you changed a neglected difficult garden to one that everyone comments on.


We have been more than happy with the service you have given us and our lawn has never looked better.


Thanks for the service to date our lawn is looking fantastic.


Thank you for the lawn service you have provided over the years. It is reassuring to have you come round as I know you carried out the service as promised unlike other lawn service companies I have dealt with.


We have very much appreciated your service over the last four years, and especially value your reliability and perennial cheerfulness!


Thank you so much for all of the time you have put in on our lawns. They look brilliant because of it.

Mrs. Thomas

You always did a great job and would like to thank you for my beautiful lawns.

Mr. H.

Thank you so much for looking after my lawn. I have always been very satisfied with your work.


Thank you for your excellent service.

Mrs. Watson

It has been a pleasure to do business with you over the last few years and the lawn you leave us with is infinitely healthier and more attractive than the lawn you inherited!


Your company have been fantastic. Reliable, good advice, effective treatments and you are very knowledgeable about lawns. You really do know what you are talking about! Cannot recommend you highly enough.


Thanks for keeping the lawn looking so great.


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Also, have a look at these case studies of lawns which I have regenerated.

A green lawn and a beautiful herbaceous border
A beautiful lawn of one of my previous customers