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A snapshot of my lawn care service reviews on Google.

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Written thanks from previous customers

Thank you for keeping our lawn in great shape for so long, I’ve been really pleased with how it has looked since you took care of it. – Ian

My lawn has never looked better since the day that you started to look after it for me. – Mr. Hunt

Thank you for your excellent service over the years. – Mr. Ratcliffe

We are so grateful for your skill over the years. We’ve seen our lawn thrive and you changed a neglected difficult garden to one that everyone comments on. – Delyth

We have been more than happy with the service you have given us and our lawn has never looked better. – John

Thanks for the service to date our lawn is looking fantastic. – Phillipa

Thank you for the lawn service you have provided over the years. It is reassuring to have you come round as I know you carried out the service as promised unlike other lawn service companies I have dealt with. – Steve

We have very much appreciated your service over the last four years, and especially value your reliability and perennial cheerfulness! – Dudley

Thank you so much for all of the time you have put in on our lawns. They look brilliant because of it. – Mrs. Thomas

You always did a great job and would like to thank you for my beautiful lawns. – Mr. H

Thank you so much for looking after my lawn. I have always been very satisfied with your work. – Lynn

Thank you for your excellent service. – Mrs. Watson

It has been a pleasure to do business with you over the last few years and the lawn you leave us with is infinitely healthier and more attractive than the lawn you inherited! – Janice

Your company have been fantastic. Reliable, good advice, effective treatments and you are very knowledgeable about lawns. You really do know what you are talking about! Cannot recommend you highly enough. – Steve

Thanks for keeping the lawn looking so great. – Julie


For visual testimonials, have a look at my blog page A Gallery of Lawns. Here is a list of previous lawns which I have maintained.