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Creeping buttercup (ranunculus repens) is one of the most difficult weeds to control in a lawn. They spread through rhizomes under the soil and stolons alone the soil surface. They can spread quickly and take over large areas of a lawn in just a few weeks.

Creeping buttercup in a lawn

Buttercups are difficult to control because of their relatively small leaf area compared to the amount of plant material. Plants can clone themselves over large areas. Whilst one part can be controlled, regrowth in another area can be quick.

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Creeping buttercup (Ranunculus repens)

Creeping buttercup is a very common herbaceous perennial weed found on all types of lawns across England and which can quickly become on a problem on even well maintained lawns. The Latin name for creeping buttercup is Ranunculus repens. Ranunculus is the family name of buttercups, which literally translated means “little frog” referring to the trait in which most… Read More »