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Spring is the busiest season in the lawn care calendar. After the cold, dark months of winter, grass starts into growth.

It is essential to give the grass all the help it can get early on so that it is in the best shape for the summer.

Lawn care in the spring

Weeds will be growing alongside the grass, so get these treated early and the lawn will look much better.

Feeding the grass is also important, as is making sure any repairs are carried out. Early seasons are very busy for the lawn care technician. Find out more about what to do with your lawn in these blog pages.

4 tips to prepare your lawn for spring

By | 22/02/2019

As winter fades and spring approaches it is time to start planning for the new growing season. Your lawn has a tough time during the winter and will be keen to produce new leaves as soon as the weather warms. So what is the best way to take advantage of the new spring season? After my top tips… Read More »

Question: Timing of lawn treatments

By | 25/01/2018

I received this question in January 2018 from a reader who is worried about the timing of lawn treatments. She is planning on opening her garden to the public for a day. My lawn was laid approx 18 years ago with good quality turf. The turf was laid on heavy clay soil and has been well looked after… Read More »

How soil temperature affects grass growth

By | 24/11/2017

The soil temperature in which your grass lives greatly affects the speed at which the grass grows. A warmer soil contains more energy. More energy available enables chemical process driving plant growth to work faster and more efficiently. This means grass can make food quicker (through photosynthesis) and therefore grow faster. There is a direct correlation between the… Read More »