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Shade is the blocking of direct sunshine by any object. In lawn care knowledge of shade patterns and the path of the sun is very important. Grass is a plant which thrives in full sun, so any shade issues will reduce the vigour of the lawn in these areas.

Shade on a lawn

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Question: Shade grass seed in sun?

I received this interesting question in February 2022 about using shade grass seed in full sun and regenerating a lawn. This reader asks about which grass seed mix to use for shady and sunny areas. Find out the best way to overseed a new lawn and which grass seed to use after a spring regeneration and scarification in this Q&A blog post.

Question: Difficult north facing town house lawn

I received this question in January 2018 by a reader Mike, who asks about his town house lawn. I have just moved into a town house with a north facing back garden. The soil in the back garden has a lot of clay. The current grass is not doing well, and the ground is very soggy, wet, and… Read More »