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Shade is the blocking of direct sunshine by any object. In lawn care knowledge of shade patterns and the path of the sun is very important. Grass is a plant which thrives in full sun, so any shade issues will reduce the vigour of the lawn in these areas.

Shade on a lawn

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Question: How to keep moss away in Scotland?

I received this interesting question about a lawn at the opposite end of the British Isles to me. A reader asks about how to keep moss away on his lawn in the north of Scotland. Keeping moss at bay is difficult in the UK even at the best of times, but the long, dark, wet winters of Scotland make this task even more challenging. I give some tips here.

Question: Difficult north facing town house lawn

I received this question in January 2018 by a reader Mike, who asks about his town house lawn. I have just moved into a town house with a north facing back garden. The soil in the back garden has a lot of clay. The current grass is not doing well, and the ground is very soggy, wet, and… Read More »