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One of the main requirements that grass needs to thrive is access to direct sunlight. Any lawn which lives in shade and low sunlight will naturally be more difficult to maintain than a lawn in full sun.

A lawn needs to see the sun

Grass needs sunlight to make food for itself. If grass lives in shade and low sunlight then it will not be able to make as much food for itself. It will grow much more slowly and live under constant stress.

Grass living in shade will need more regular feeding. It will also need better soil requirements, good access to water and to be mown high.

There are grass varieties which can tolerate lower levels of shade and low sunlight. However even these varieties of grass will need to see the sun occasionally during the day. If you are trying to grow a lawn against a north wall and under a tree, then you may be better off trying something other than grass. Grass will not grow everywhere.

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