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Whether turf or seed, all lawns start from grass seed.

Seed for lawns is grown on farms specifically for that purpose. The single-species fields are grown over two years and harvested for the crop in the summer. This is the grass seed you can buy in the shops.

Grass seed for your lawn

Turf farmers use a grass which is great for turf. They sow this and manage the grass until it is ready for lifting. For home use and other amenity lawns, seed can be bought from specific seed suppliers.

There are a huge number of varieties to choose from. These can all seem confusing when trying to choose the best for your lawn.

Find out more about seed, how to sow it and how to make it into a great lawn in these blog posts.

Question: Shade grass seed in sun?

I received this interesting question in February 2022 about using shade grass seed in full sun and regenerating a lawn. This reader asks about which grass seed mix to use for shady and sunny areas. Find out the best way to overseed a new lawn and which grass seed to use after a spring regeneration and scarification in this Q&A blog post.

Plastic netting in turf – A nightmare for wildlife and gardeners

Over the past few years I have noticed a worrying increase in the use of plastic netting in new lawns. This plastic mesh not only makes carrying out some lawn treatments very difficult but it can harm wildlife and increase plastic pollution in the environment. Find out why farmers are growing plastic embedded turf and how you can avoid this new environmental scourge.

Should I seed or turf my new lawn?

I am often asked by customers if they should sow seed or lay turf to create their new lawn. There are many factors to consider when deciding which method to choose. Find out the pros and cons to the different ways and find out which method fares better in the long run. Whether you are trying to grass a slope or building that beautiful lawn of your dreams.