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Hollow-tine aeration is the process of removing a core of soil from a lawn. This has the effect of relieving compaction, effectively letting the lawn “breathe”.

Hollow-tine aeration on a lawn

Aerating allows water to penetrate into the soil more easily. It also gives the grass roots more space and allows the exchange of gasses in the root zone.

A healthy root system gives rise to much healthier lawn. Healthy soil encourages beneficial bacteria in the soil and this brings further improvements to the grass as more nutrients become available to the grass plants.

Hollow-tine aerating is one of the most beneficial treatments you can apply to any lawn, but one of the least done.

Soil compaction and lawn aeration

Soil compaction is one of the most common, but least known problems with lawns in the UK. Around half of the volume of a healthy soil is gaps and channels. These channels allow air and moisture to pass down into the soil, allowing it to “breathe”. Compaction is the act of compressing the soil so that these gaps are no longer there. Read More »