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This section is for lawn mowing tips. Mowing your lawn well is the key to a great looking lawn. Achieving a clean cut of the grass at the right height and when the grass is dry and growing well will bring great benefits to to look of the grass.

Lawn mowing tips

These posts will provide advice and tips and show you how to avoid the most common mistakes with mowing.

If you have blunt or bent blades, the cut will be uneven and untidy. Also the way in which you cut your grass can have an effect on the quality of the cut. Bending the grass over or cutting in the wet can cause problems.

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Question: How do I make new grass stand up to be mowed?

I received this interesting question from a reader in summer 2021 about mowing a new lawn. He raises an interesting point about having difficulty making his new grass stand up. A new lawn sometimes grows wispy and leggy and the grass falls over when being mown. If your new lawn is like this find out what to do to bring it under control again.

Question: Restoring a very long lawn

I received this question about restoring a very long lawn in Autumn 2020 by a reader of my Website. They were not able to mow their meadow during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and a local farmer then chopped down very roughly. Grass is very hardy and can put up with a lot of damage. Find out how best to restore a long meadow into a decent lawn.