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All lawn owners need to mow their lawn to keep their grass looking neat. However, not many lawn owners realise the importance mowing makes on the quality of your lawn.

Just employing a good mowing regime can mean the difference between an untidy lawn and a fabulous lawn.

Find out more about how to improve your lawn by mowing it well in these blog posts.

Question: How do I make new grass stand up to be mowed?

I received this interesting question from a reader in summer 2021 about mowing a new lawn. He raises an interesting point about having difficulty making his new grass stand up. A new lawn sometimes grows wispy and leggy and the grass falls over when being mown. If your new lawn is like this find out what to do to bring it under control again.

Tips for buying a new lawn mower

With all of the different makes, models, and types of lawn mowers for sale in the UK, it can be quite overwhelming to choose what to buy. In this guide, written in collaboration with, we explain how to choose the right lawn mower for your needs so that you can go straight the the lawn mower which suits you, and your lawn, best.

Question: Restoring a very long lawn

I received this question about restoring a very long lawn in Autumn 2020 by a reader of my Website. They were not able to mow their meadow during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and a local farmer then chopped down very roughly. Grass is very hardy and can put up with a lot of damage. Find out how best to restore a long meadow into a decent lawn.