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I invite lawn care experts and others in related industries to share their knowledge of their subject in these guest posts.

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Tips for buying a new lawn mower

With all of the different makes, models, and types of lawn mowers for sale in the UK, it can be quite overwhelming to choose what to buy. In this guide, written in collaboration with, we explain how to choose the right lawn mower for your needs so that you can go straight the the lawn mower which suits you, and your lawn, best.

Controlling moles in your lawn

Moles (talpidae) are small mammals which have adapted to live underground. They dig tunnels through the soil, searching for earthworms and insects. The tunnels they create are earthworm traps. They can quickly establish themselves in a location due to their ability to burrow up to 4 metres an hour. They creating complex tunnel systems which they maintain and use… Read More »