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Bent Grass is a family of grass species. The latin name for it is agrostis. It is a large genus of plants in the grass family, found in nearly all the countries in the world.

Bent grass in lawns

Some species of bents are commonly used in lawns. This is a desirable grass for golf course tees, fairways and greens.

Bent grass is used a lot in amenity turf for its numerous advantages. It can be mowed to a very short length without damage. It can handle a great amount of foot traffic and it has a shallow root system that is thick and dense. This allows it to be seeded and grow rather easily.

The name “bent” refers to the shallow roots, which bend just below the surface of the soil to propagate laterally.

Question: Shade grass seed in sun?

I received this interesting question in February 2022 about using shade grass seed in full sun and regenerating a lawn. This reader asks about which grass seed mix to use for shady and sunny areas. Find out the best way to overseed a new lawn and which grass seed to use after a spring regeneration and scarification in this Q&A blog post.