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Worms (or earthworms) are small, tube-shaped, segmented animals found in the family Annelida. They live in the soil, feeding on live and dead organic matter.

Worms in your lawn

Earthworms are a sign of a healthy lawn. They help to aerate the soil. They also break down organic matter, increasing available nutrients. During the winter they pull leaves into the soil and feed on them.

Casting earthworms are not desirable in some sports turf. The worm casts they produce can affect the playing surface.

Find out more about these fascinating organisms and how to deal with them in your lawn in these articles.

Controlling moles in your lawn

Moles (talpidae) are small mammals which have adapted to live underground. They dig tunnels through the soil, searching for earthworms and insects. The tunnels they create are earthworm traps. They can quickly establish themselves in a location due to their ability to burrow up to 4 metres an hour. They creating complex tunnel systems which they maintain and use… Read More »

Question: Lawn looking like straw after cut

I received this question from a reader from surrey in August 2017 who is worried his newly turfed lawn looks like straw. Unfortunately I live in surrey but came across your site. Thank you for offering to reply to my email. I installed a lawn 3 months ago. I put down 20 tonnes of topsoil. It was growing… Read More »