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A fungicide is a chemical compound or biological organism used to kill parasitic fungi or their spores. Fungi can cause serious damage to plants including grasses. Fungicides are used in the lawn care industry to fight these fungal infections.

Fungicides are expensive

Professional fungicides are very expensive to produce. As a result they are limited to professional lawn care companies who have enough call to use them. However, they are very effective when used correctly.

Fungal infections can be very damaging to the look of fine lawns. Parasitic fungal diseases such as red thread or rust can ruin the look and kill grass.

A professional fungicide treatment can be both preventative and curative. Applied early, they can dramatically improve grass and keep it healthy.

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Red thread lawn disease (laetisaria fuciformis)

By | 17/01/2018

Red thread (laetisaria fuciformis) is a parasitic fungal disease which infects grass. It can appear in conjunction with pink patch lawn disease, causing similar symptoms. The disease causes areas of grass to discolour. These are usually circular, but they can coalesce into larger areas. These patches can appear over a few days, and may stay for several weeks.… Read More »

Question: Lawn looking like straw after cut

By | 15/08/2017

I received this question from a reader from surrey in August 2017 who is worried his newly turfed lawn looks like straw. Hi. Unfortunately I live in surrey but came across your site. Thank you for offering to reply to my email. I installed a lawn 3 months ago. I put down 20 tonnes of topsoil. It was… Read More »

Is your lawn infected with rust disease?

By | 28/02/2015

Recently, I have observed one or two of cases of my maintained lawns becoming infected with lawn rust disease. So I thought I’d explain a little about this disease and why grass in the UK is currently susceptible to this common infection. What is rust disease? Sometimes known as leaf rust or lawn rust, rust disease is a… Read More »