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Lawns can develop a variety of ailments throughout the year which can lead to discolouration in grass.

Discolouration in grass can be a symptom any one of a number of problems. Fungal disease attack, deficiency in nutrients, or even physical damage to the grass leaves themselves.

These blog posts look at the problems you may have with your grass if you find it is becoming discoloured.

Question: Patchy lawn in colour and growth

I received this excellent question in July 2019. A patchy lawn is a common issue and the possible causes of this case are worth exploring further. Alex wrote: Hi Kris, I laid my lawn (turf rolls) almost exactly a year in July 2018. I prepared the surface and placed a rooting fertiliser before laying the turf. It was… Read More »

Question: How do I fix my burnt lawn?

I sent this question in June 2018 by a concerned lawn owner. It is a common question which I am asked a lot. Hi Kris, A couple of weeks ago I bought a 3 in 1 weed, feed and moss control lawn treatment from the local garden centre. I tried to apply it as per the instructions. However,… Read More »