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A summary of the blog posts relating to winter lawn care and the issues you may find on British lawns in the months of December, January and February.

Winter is an important season for lawn care in the UK, with many tasks focused around keeping the lawn alive during the coldest part of the winter.

Although it may be cold and dark outside, it is worth casting your eye over your lawn occasionally.

Winter lawn care

Typically, the main winter lawn care tasks in the UK are keeping the leaves off, keeping the moss under control and keeping an eye out for any pests and diseases which may become a problem.

Find out the best way to keep your lawn looking great in the winter and to help it through this difficult season ready for spring.

Mowing your lawn in the winter

By | 20/12/2017

Should I mow my lawn in the winter? On my rounds as a lawn care technician, I am often asked this by customers. My answer is always “it depends“. From a horticultural perspective, grass does not need mowing during the winter. Grass needs a temperature of at least 5°C for shoot growth. Soil temperatures in the winter are often… Read More »