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Winter is an important season for your lawn. A lot can happen to grass in the dark, cold months. Often the lawn is just forgotten. Fungal infections like Fusarium can spread unseen. Leaves can gather and kill the lawn underneath.

Winter lawn care articles

The low light levels and higher rainfall bring different challenges for grass. Moss is a big threat and can spread quickly, especially in shady corners. Wet days leach nutrients out of the soil and can cause problems for the grass.

Find out the best way to bring your lawn through the cold months unscathed. Follow these lawn care articles and you will be off to a great start come spring.

Leatherjackets in your lawn? Follow these steps …

The spring of 2020 has seen a huge rise in the number of leatherjackets infecting lawns. Two mild winters and a damp summer combined with the eradication of any controls has resulted in an explosion in numbers of the insects. If your lawn looks to be suffering, have a dig around, you may find the culprit. So what do you do if you find leatherjackets in your lawn?

Leatherjacket Lawn Pests – The Complete Guide

Updated: October 2020 What are leatherjackets? The leatherjacket life cycle Spotting leatherjacket grubs in your lawn What damage can leatherjackets do? How can you control leatherjackets? Leatherjacket controls to avoid Will leatherjackets keep attacking my lawn? Download my leatherjacket fact sheet This is a summary PDF of this blog post in an easy to see, printable format. What… Read More »