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A leatherjacket is the common name for a small grub which lives in the soil under a lawn. They are the larvae of crane flys. (Tipulidae insect family).

The leatherjacket and your lawn

They are laid by the adult flies during the summer. The eggs then hatch in the soil and the larvae much their way through the roots of the grass.

The damage leatherjackets can cause can be devastating. Entire lawns can be destroyed.

Find out more about these difficult pests and how to control them in these blog posts.

Video: Digging for leatherjackets in a lawn

By | 09/09/2019

The winter of 2018-2019 saw a large number of lawns devastated by leatherjackets. These grubs live in the soil, just under the surface of a lawn. They are the larval stage of crane flies (tipulidae). Eggs laid by the adults in the summer months. They hatch and the grubs then spend the winter days munching through grass plants,… Read More »

Leatherjacket Lawn Pests – The Complete Guide

By | 15/03/2019

Updated: March 2019 What are leatherjackets? The leatherjacket life cycle Spotting leatherjacket grubs in your lawn What damage can leatherjackets do? How can you control leatherjackets? Leatherjacket controls to avoid Will leatherjackets keep attacking my lawn? Download my leatherjacket fact sheet This is a summary PDF of this blog post in an easy to see, printable format. What… Read More »

6 tips to help your lawn through the winter

By | 10/01/2016

Grass is an very hardy plant and has evolved to survive in some of the harshest environments on earth. Left on their own, most lawns will make it through the winter without any problem. However, there are some simple things that you can do to help your lawn through the winter, reducing the possibility of damage, helping you… Read More »