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Moss control is an important and much-asked topic in modern lawn care. Moss occurs when your grass is having a tough time. Many possible reasons will cause moss to gain a foothold and take over your lawn.

The Lawn Man’s moss control treatment

The eradication of moss cannot be undertaken overnight. The existing moss needs to be treated and removed. Then the reasons for the moss ingress must be addressed. Only then will the lawn start to win the battle. This can take many months, or even years.

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Question: Scarifier advice?

By | 19/03/2018

I received this question many times from an eager reader in March 2018 about a scarifier. She writes: I have a lawn approximately the size of a bowling green. It is not well looked after and has loads of moss. Please could you advise me on a scarifier. I’d prefer something that you don’t have to push, and… Read More »

Question: Easy way to control moss and dog lichen?

By | 13/02/2018

I received this question in January 2018 from an older reader. She asked about easy ways to keep her lawn free of moss and dog lichen. Hi Kris, I have a lawn covered in moss and dog lichen. For years I have kept the moss under control. Now not so young and fit it is out of control.… Read More »

Question: Timing of lawn treatments

By | 25/01/2018

I received this question in January 2018 from a reader who is worried about the timing of lawn treatments. She is planning on opening her garden to the public for a day. My lawn was laid approx 18 years ago with good quality turf. The turf was laid on heavy clay soil and has been well looked after… Read More »