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A summary of the blog posts relating to spring lawn care and the issues you will find on lawns in the months of March, April and May.

Spring is an important season for lawn care in the UK. Many tasks needing to be completed to clean the lawn and prepare it for the summer. Any neglect early on in the year will be become a bigger problem later on.

Spring lawn care tasks

Typically, the main spring lawn care tasks in the UK are a lawn treatment. Also, if needed keeping moss and thatch under control through a light scarification. Mowing should also start as soon as conditions are right.

Fin out more about the tasks which you should be carrying out in these months in these blog posts.

Question: Which fertiliser for a spring lawn feed?

I received this question from a reader called Robert in spring 2020. He asks an interesting question about which NPK fertiliser should he use to feed his lawn in the spring. This is a very deep subject and further reading will send you into some very complex chemistry and biology. I try to simplify this interesting lawn care subject.

4 tips to prepare your lawn for spring

As winter fades and spring approaches it is time to start planning for the new growing season. Your lawn has a tough time during the winter and will be keen to produce new leaves as soon as the weather warms. So what is the best way to take advantage of the new spring season? After my top tips… Read More »