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Lawn Fertilisation is a key part of looking after your lawn. A good regime of fertilisation can transform even the most neglected lawns.

It can be difficult to get lawn fertilisation right though, so these posts will help to guide you through the right feeds to put down and when.

These posts also look at the problems which can arise from over-feeding or using the wrong type of feed on your lawn.

For further details on the lawn fertilisation treatments provided by The Lawn Man, have a look at the lawn treatments pages.

Liquid or granule lawn fertiliser?

There are two different ways to apply fertiliser to lawns. As a liquid or as a granule. Both liquid and granule fertilisers provide grass plants with valuable nutrients, they just apply them in different ways. Don’t think of it as a case of which is better. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Find out the difference and which is best for your lawn.

Question: Which fertiliser for a spring lawn feed?

I received this question from a reader called Robert in spring 2020. He asks an interesting question about which NPK fertiliser should he use to feed his lawn in the spring. This is a very deep subject and further reading will send you into some very complex chemistry and biology. I try to simplify this interesting lawn care subject.