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Frost is the coating or deposit of ice that can form in humid air overnight. In the UK it appears as fragile white crystals or frozen dew drops near the ground. Ice covers grass blades and makes them look frozen in appearance.

It is a delicate, branched patterns of ice crystals. It forms as the result of fractal process development, growing on the grass blades. Frost formation indicates that the temperature is below the freezing point of water.

Frozen lawn

Grass is very hardy and can tolerate frost. However, if grass blades bend whilst they are frozen, the cell walls can break. This cuts off the circulation to the rest of the leaf and it can turn brown and die. The tissue damage resulting from this process is known as “frost damage”.

It is a beautiful natural formation and a frosted lawn can be a wonderful opportunity for a photo. Have a look at these blog posts about frosted lawns.