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Lawn burn is the term given to the process of damaging the lawn through over-fertilisation. Nitrogen and other nutrients on grass leaves create a reverse osmosis process causing the the leaves to dry out. The grass then dies.

Lawn burn on grass.

Burn can also happen through pet urine on the lawn, as urine is basically a fertiliser.

Lawn burns can be repaired. Consult these blog pages to find out more about burn and how to repair it here.

Lawn patch repair – A picture guide

By | 10/12/2019

Even the most well tended lawn can develop bare patches. Leaving footballs on the grass, spillages, moles, large weeds, dog damage and even winter leaves can cause areas of your lawn to die off. But what is the best way to a lawn patch repair and fix up these areas? Here is my pictorial guide to repairing a damaged lawn.

Question: How do I fix my burnt lawn?

By | 11/07/2018

I sent this question in June 2018 by a concerned lawn owner. It is a common question which I am asked a lot. Hi Kris, A couple of weeks ago I bought a 3 in 1 weed, feed and moss control lawn treatment from the local garden centre. I tried to apply it as per the instructions. However,… Read More »