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Water is the essential factor in lawn care. Too much and your grass can become waterlogged. Too little and you have a drought.

Water and your lawn

The correct amount of moisture is also essential in growing grass seed. It is essential for the health of a new lawn that young grass does not dry out.

Find out the ways to keep your lawn hydrated correctly with these blog posts.

Lawn patch repair – A picture guide

By | 10/12/2019

Even the most well tended lawn can develop bare patches. Leaving footballs on the grass, spillages, moles, large weeds, dog damage and even winter leaves can cause areas of your lawn to die off. But what is the best way to a lawn patch repair and fix up these areas? Here is my pictorial guide to repairing a damaged lawn.

7 Tips to keep your lawn green in a heatwave

By | 29/06/2018

UK grass species are cool season grasses. They do not like hot weather and get stressed when we get a heatwave. It may not be very often, but when it does occur take these steps to prevent your grass going brown. 1. Keep the lawn healthy. A healthy grass is much more resilient to hot temperatures. Grass with… Read More »