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Lawn scarification is probably the most misunderstood lawn treatment amongst the general public.

At the right time, scarifying can revitalise a lawn. However, if you scarify too much or when not necessary and you can really damage your grass.

Find out how to know when to scarify by reading my scarification articles in these blog posts.

Can I scarify a lawn when it is wet?

By | November 15, 2018

A common question during the scarification seasons is a simple one. Can I scarify a lawn when it is wet? The quick answer is usually yes, but … As with many issues with lawn care the answer is not just yes or no. We are dealing with the natural world and the simple description “wet” can cover a huge… Read More »

Question: Should I scarify my lawn after the heatwave?

By | August 28, 2018

I received this question from a reader in July 2018. This was just as the famous 2018 heat wave was breaking. Lawns were very dry and there was virtually no rain for months. Lawns looked terrible and almost all lawn work was put on, hold. This reader asks the question “should scarify my lawn after the heatwave”. My… Read More »

Question: Scarifier advice?

By | August 15, 2018

I received this question many times from an eager reader in March 2018 about a scarifier. She writes: I have a lawn approximately the size of a bowling green. It is not well looked after and has loads of moss. Please could you advise me on a scarifier. I’d prefer something that you don’t have to push, and… Read More »