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Summer is the season that we all get to enjoy our lawns. Cool season grasses like we have in the UK don’t tend to like hot temperatures. If the sum beats down hard the grass will get stressed.

Summer lawn care tips

Drought, mowing, feeding and weeding are all issues which you will need to consider. Use this section to get the best out of your lawn during the summer.

Find out how best to water your lawn, what to feed it and when and how to cope with a drought in these helpful blog posts.

Question: Should I scarify my lawn after the heatwave?

I received this question from a reader in July 2018. This was just as the famous 2018 heat wave was breaking. Lawns were very dry and there was virtually no rain for months. Lawns looked terrible and almost all lawn work was put on, hold. This reader asks the question “should scarify my lawn after the heatwave”. My… Read More »