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We can get some relatively hot, dry periods in England.

Find out how to maintain a great looking lawn through periods of drought and hot summers. This can be achieved through efficient watering practices and by the application of treatments which help the soil retain water.

Make sure you can enjoy your lawn during the hot summer months and not worry about it turning brown a dying off.

Question: Should I scarify my lawn after the heatwave?

I received this question from a reader in July 2018. This was just as the famous 2018 heat wave was breaking. Lawns were very dry and there was virtually no rain for months. Lawns looked terrible and almost all lawn work was put on, hold. This reader asks the question “should scarify my lawn after the heatwave”. My… Read More »

7 Tips to keep your lawn green in a heatwave

UK grass species are cool season grasses. They do not like hot weather and get stressed when we get a heatwave. It may not be very often, but when it does occur take these steps to prevent your grass going brown. 1. Keep the lawn healthy. A healthy grass is much more resilient to hot temperatures. Grass with… Read More »