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Aerating a lawn is one of the most necessary, but least carried out treatments you can do to your lawn. Aeration is the process of driving holes into the soil. This opens up the soil and helps water, nutrients and beneficial organisms down to the roots of the grass. The grass then grows stronger roots and a healthier lawn.

Aeration for your lawn

There are two types of aeration treatments offered by The Lawn Man.

Solid-tine aeration uses solid metal spikes to drive deep holes. This treatment is more suitable for healthy lawns which do not have a compaction problem. They just open up the soil and keep it fresh. It is also good as a summer treatment to help water penetrate and keep the grass healthy during a drought.

Hollow-tine aerating uses a tool which is shaped like a tube. This pulls a core of soil out of the lawn. This method of aerating is much better to relieve compaction and stresses in the soil, allowing the grass to breathe and grow.

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The easiest ways to improve your lawn this summer

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Question: Patchy lawn in colour and growth

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