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Fusarium is a large family of filamentous fungi. They are part of a group often referred to as hyphomycetes. The fungi is widely distributed in soils. It is also associated with plants and particularly grasses.

Fusarium can damage your lawn

In a lawn care environment, fusarium fungus can attack grass. The damage can be permanent and the lawn scars and needs repairing.

A fusarium patch infection usually occurs in the winter. Especially during snow falls. A covering of snow provides an excellent environment for the fungus to spread under a snow blanket. The damage is only revealed after a thaw. It is for this reason it is also called snow mould.

An infection can be seen through a cotton-like growth on the grass. The leaves of the plant die and the fungus spreads in a circle. The infection can be treated with a fungicide by your lawn care professional. Damaged areas of grass often do not recover and must be repaired when conditions improve.

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