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Lawn compaction is one of the most common problems in British lawns, but one of the least identified by the lawn owner.

Find out more about lawn compaction in these pages, including how to identify compaction, why a compacted lawn is bad for your grass and how to remedy a compacted lawn.

Soil compaction and lawn aeration

Soil compaction is one of the most common, but least known problems with lawns in the UK. Around half of the volume of a healthy soil is gaps and channels. These channels allow air and moisture to pass down into the soil, allowing it to “breathe”. Compaction is the act of compressing the soil so that these gaps are no longer there. Read More »

Question: Fixing patches of bare earth in lawn

I received this question as a comment on another question, but I though that it was a good enough to expand upon. Patches of bare earth is a common complaint with lawns. Dear Kris, I have a lawn that is not the best quality but in the past has been hard wearing. The lawn is open to three… Read More »