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Dogs and lawns don’t mix. Trying to keep a lawn alive which has on dog out on it every day is a challenge.

Urine, holes, scratch marks and constant wear are just some of the problems which owners face. Burns, digging and damage need must be repaired regularly. Lawns need rest and time to recover and during the winter. Rest times are few and far between so damage can be severe.

Dogs on lawns

These blog posts look at the problems faced with having a pet on your lawn and what you can to to try to repair any damage which may be caused.

Question: Fixing patches of bare earth in lawn

I received this question as a comment on another question, but I though that it was a good enough to expand upon. Patches of bare earth is a common complaint with lawns. Dear Kris, I have a lawn that is not the best quality but in the past has been hard wearing. The lawn is open to three… Read More »