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Solid tines are metal prongs which are used to drive holes in a lawn to relieve compaction and aerate soil.

In a lawn care scenario tines can be either solid, slit or hollow.

Solid tines in lawn care

A solid tine is a metal spikes which simply drives a hole into soil. This is used to open up soil and keep the grass fresh. Solid tines are most often used on well maintained lawns to keep compaction at bay before it becomes a problem. They are generally not great and addressing compaction as they move stresses around the soil profile.

Solid or spike tines come in a variety of sizes for different lawns. Your lawn care expert will be able to advise which is best for your lawn.

Soil compaction and lawn aeration

Soil compaction is one of the most common, but least known problems with lawns in the UK. Around half of the volume of a healthy soil is gaps and channels. These channels allow air and moisture to pass down into the soil, allowing it to “breathe”. Compaction is the act of compressing the soil so that these gaps are no longer there. Read More »