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Solid-tine aeration is a lawn treatment in which holes are created in the lawn with solid spikes or tines. It is most easily achieved with a solid-tine aeration machine, but can be done with a garden fork or other spikes.

This treatment enables the lawn to breathe and enables transfer of gasses, water and nutrients straight to the grass roots.

Solid-tine aeration is a great treatment to do to well established lawns to keep them looking green and healthy.

Soil compaction and lawn aeration

By | 08/02/2019

Soil compaction is one of the most common, but least known problems with lawns in the UK. Around half of the volume of a healthy soil is gaps and channels. These channels allow air and moisture to pass down into the soil, allowing it to “breathe”. Compaction is the act of compressing the soil so that these gaps are no longer there. Read More »

Top 5 ways to improve the look of your lawn

By | 16/01/2018

1:- Raise the cutting height One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your lawn is to raise the cutting height of your mower. Too many homeowners cut their grass far too short. They do this with the aim of getting it to look like a bowling green. This is a fallacy. You don’t have the… Read More »

Should I use hollow or solid-tines to aerate lawn?

By | 30/11/2012

So you have decided that your lawn is compacted, and would like to treat it with an aeration treatment. But should you hollow-tine aerate, or solid-tine aerate? Firstly, I’ll just explain what each version of the treatment is. Then go on to explain the merits of each. Finally then look at which you should consider for your lawn. What… Read More »