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Thatch is the term given to the layer of organic matter on the soil surface of the lawn between the roots and the grass leaves.

A thick lawn is often caused by over feeding. Too much leaf growth causes it to build up uncontrollably. It can also come from lack of maintenance over a very long period of time or an infrequent mowing regime.

A thatch layer or organic matter will smother a lawn. Water and nutrients will not be able to get to the roots. New growth cannot come through and the thatchy layer is a great incubator for damaging fungal diseases such as red thread and fusarium.

Thick thatch in a lawn

The best and quickest way to solve a thick lawn problem is a heavy scarification. However, this can produce a huge amount of material and be a very difficult job for a DIY lawn enthusiast.

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Question: Restoring a very long lawn

I received this question about restoring a very long lawn in Autumn 2020 by a reader of my Website. They were not able to mow their meadow during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and a local farmer then chopped down very roughly. Grass is very hardy and can put up with a lot of damage. Find out how best to restore a long meadow into a decent lawn.