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Fusarium lawn disease is a damaging lawn disease which usually infects lawns during the cooler months of winter.

An infection can be easily spotted, as it manifests itself as brown circles on the lawn which are usually surrounded by a cotton-wool-like substance.

In these pages, find out how when to look out for an attack of fusarium, how to identify it, what it can do to your grass and how to control it.

Fusarium patch lawn disease (Microdochium nivale)

Fusarium patch disease is a very common fungal lawn disease throughout the whole of the UK. It is also sometimes called fuzz, snow mould or Microdochium patch. The current Latin name for it is Microdochium nivale (syn. Monographella nivalis). It was previously called Fusarium nivale, from which it gained its most common name. Fusarium patch disease is the most common cause… Read More »