Question: How do I make new grass stand up to be mowed?

By | 16/08/2021
Bending the grass over when mowing a new lawn.

I received this interesting question from a reader in summer 2021 about mowing a new lawn. He raises an interesting point about having difficulty making his new grass stand up. Omer writes:

Hi Kris,

I seeded my lawn about a month ago and everything grew perfectly. It was time for the first mow, the lawn was really long.

My problem is that the weight of my mower wheels is making some of the lawn lay down so not all of it has been mowed.

What is the best way to make the blades stand up so that I can mow them properly?

Thank you!

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Hi Omer,

Thank you for the great question.

It looks like your new lawn is doing really well. It has germinated evenly and you have a good covering of new grass. That will develop into a lovely lawn over the next couple of months.

Also well done on doing the right thing by seeding your lawn rather than opting for turf. Seeding a lawn is much better for the environment and will bring you a much better lawn in the long term. It also comes with a much reduced risk of pests and diseases.

Alternate mowing directions helps the grass stand up

I wouldn’t be too worried about the grass falling over under the mower wheels at this stage. It is still very young and has not yet developed strong stems. It will as it matures and finds it’s way.

For a new lawn, a rotary mower is best for the first few mows. It uses air flow to stand the grass up, helping cutting. I really don’t advise using a cylinder mower or any mower with a roller on the front for the first mows of any new lawn.

Certainly give the grass a really good watering. This will help it to stand back up quickly. Then give it mow on the highest setting it in a different direction.

Follow this routine (watering and mowing high in different directions) regularly for the next few weeks and the lawn will come under control and start to develop side shoots. It will stand up and look a lot neater.

If you do find that the grass in some areas refuses to stand up, such as at a path entrance, then you can give it a light raking to “comb” it tall. It will come under control soon after.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

Kris Lord
The Lawn Man

One thought on “Question: How do I make new grass stand up to be mowed?

  1. rikie

    I rake it and use a leak blower to lift it then cut. I carry a small dogpoo rake while mowing to lift up spot flatten by wheels


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