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A summary of the blog posts relating to autumn lawn care and the issue you will find on lawns in the months of September, October and November.

Autumn is an important season for lawn care in the UK, with many tasks needing to be completed to keep your lawn looking good for next year. Any neglect in autumn will be become a bigger problem the following year.

Typically, the main autumn lawn care tasks in the UK are an autumn lawn treatment, keeping moss and thatch under control through scarifying and overseeding and repairing and damage.

Autumn is also the most common season for mushrooms to appear and you can find out more about these fascinating organisms in these pages.

7 tips for autumn lawn care

Autumn is an important season in the year for your lawn. Autumn in the UK usually means cooler temperatures and rain. The lawn can look a bit sad and neglected as we retreat indoors. Autumn lawn care tips Here are the best things you can do in the autumn to give your lawn the best chance of surviving… Read More »