Lawn mushroom gallery 2016

By | 22/10/2016
Orange Mushroom

I really enjoy finding a lawn mushroom. Every autumn I find new ones which peek out of the grass to say hello.

Because treating lawns enables me to visit hundreds of gardens I have the opportunity to see mushrooms from many different soil types and locations. Most only appear very occasionally, and I am always amazed to see a fungi species which I have not seen before.

The majority of mushrooms you will find on your lawn are completely harmless. However there are some which pop up which can be deadly if eaten. If you find a mushroom has appeared in your lawn and you are concerned for the safety of your children or animals, then simply pop on some rubber gloves, pick it and pop it in your bin for green recycling. It is just like picking the flower of a plant. They may not reappear again for some time.

Fungi in the soil

There is not anything you can do to stop them appearing, in fact they are doing a great service in your garden. Life as we know it could not exist without them. Fungi decompose organic matter in the soil and transfer these valuable nutrients to plants in exchange for sugars. Fungi exist in all soils and the mushrooms which appear above ground are the fruiting body of these fungi, enabling them to release spores to colonise new areas.

For a more detailed post about why lawn fungi appear have a look at my previous post Why do I have mushrooms growing on my lawn.

Please note that I am not qualified in the identification of mushrooms, and cannot field questions relating to species identification. To find out about your species of lawn mushroom either contact a local mycological society, consult a field guide or contact an expert.

Lawn mushroom gallery 2016

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