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A lawn mower is a machine with one or more blades which is designed to cut grass to an even height. The blades may be powered by the operator or a motor. Powered lawn mowers are either electric or petrol powered.

Lawn mower is the key to a good lawn

How a lawn mower cuts the grass is key to the look of your lawn. If you have blunt or bent blades, the cut will be uneven and untidy. Also the way in which you cut your grass can have an effect on the quality of the cut. Bending the grass over or cutting in the wet can cause problems.

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Putting your lawnmower into hibernation

Winter is coming. The summer was fun, but it’s time to pack away the barbecue, the bucket and spade, and the beach ball and prepare yourself for the coming autumn. Get some decent woolly gloves, turn the central heating back on again, and put your lawnmower away in storage. The thing is, if you want your lawnmower to… Read More »