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Fungi are classified into their own kingdom. They are neither plants or animals. There are over 130,000 named species with millions yet to be classified.

They play a very important part in the ecosystems of our lawns and gardens. Many species of fungi decompose organic matter in the soils, working in symbiosis with plants. They break down organic matter,  providing plants with nutrients in exchange for sugars.

Some fungi are parasitic and actually attack grasses. These cause unsightly patches and dead grass areas in your lawn.

Find out how to identify the good from the bad, and what you can do to help your grass overcome any fungal infections.

The first case of red thread disease in 2013

Red thread disease (Laetisaria fuciformis) is a fungal infection which can attack grass in warm, wet summers. In 2012, red thread rose to almost epidemic levels, infecting almost 70% of lawns in the South Manchester area. The recent wet weather has meant that the grass sward is damp for most of the day which are ideal conditions for… Read More »