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This category contains case studies and examples of The Lawn Man’s lawn care service bringing difficult lawns back to their best through a lawn regeneration programme.

A lawn regeneration can take a long time, so these posts detail what is needed and the time taken to achieve a good result on your lawn.

A lawn regeneration example in Exeter

By | 01/02/2019

In the hot summer of 2018 I was called to a beautiful home in Exeter. The owner was having great difficulty with their lawn and had become thoroughly fed up with it. It needed a complete lawn regeneration treatment. This was the state of the lawn when I surveyed it in summer 2018: Problems with the lawn The… Read More »

A lawn regeneration in Hale, Cheshire

By | 13/02/2014

I am often asked if I have any photos of lawns which I have worked on, so I have put together this slideshow showing the usual lawn regeneration process, bringing a really poor quality lawn back to its best. A lawn regeneration slideshow: If you are interested in me helping you bring your lawn back to life, get… Read More »