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Luzula is a genus of flowering plants the family Juncaceae. It is also called the rushes. The genus distributed widely, with species occurring throughout the world.

Plants of the genus are commonly known as wood-rush, wood rush, or woodrush.

Luzula in lawns

The most common variation of Luzula found in lawns is Field woodrush (luzula campestris). This is a difficult to control perennial weed which loves acidic lawns.

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Field woodrush (luzula campestris)

Field Woodrush (Luzula campestris) is noticeable in a lawn in early spring. It can be easily seen as a patch of thicker-type grass, with hairy leaves that have tassel-like black and brown flowers protruding a couple of inches above the usual level of the lawn. Some folk also know it as Good Friday Grass or Sweeps Brush. It… Read More »