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Field woodrush is one of the most difficult weeds to control in a lawn. It is acid-loving and has small-hairy leaves. It is also resistant to most herbicides.

Field woodrush in lawns

The latin name for it is luzula campestris. Woodrush is a flowering plant in the rush family Juncaceae and is very common in grasslands throughout Europe.

Luzula campestris is a relatively short plant. Between 5 to 15 cm tall. It spreads via short stolons and also via seed produced it black flowers.

It flowers between March and June. The plant can be a persistent weed in ornamental turf and lawns.

Field woodrush (luzula campestris)

Field Woodrush (Luzula campestris) is noticeable in a lawn in early spring. It can be easily seen as a patch of thicker-type grass, with hairy leaves that have tassel-like black and brown flowers protruding a couple of inches above the usual level of the lawn. Some folk also know it as Good Friday Grass or Sweeps Brush. It… Read More »